The castle in Karnity is set over a lake, which makes it a perfect place for practicing water sports. We put boats, canoes and bicycles at your disposal. Moreover, a tennis table, billiards, as well as volleyball, soccer and basketball fields. For those who love two-wheel vehicles we have cycle routes, and walking tracks for hiking enthusiasts.

Attractions offered by the Castle include riding horses, boat cruises (on earlier request), sauna, tanning salon and a discotheque. We organize dances, barbecues, bonfires, wild boar roasting, parties in the Castle wine cellar and knight fight reconstructions.

Come to the recreational events in the Castle. Below we present a few suggestions of how you can spend your leisure time with us:

Evening in the Wine Cellar

We start the evening with roasting sausages by the fire. You can choose from a selection of barbecue dishes: roasted shoulder of veal, lamb, etc., shashliks or roasted wild boar. We also serve zander with mashrooms, krupniok, baked potatoes, buckwheat groats, selection of salads and accompaniments, 150 ml of wine or 0,5 l of beer per person. A FOLK BAND or a KNIGHT SHOW is an additional attraction of the event (on earlier request). The party lasts until the morning with CD/cassette accompaniment (discotheque).

Barbecue, Bonfires, Party Until the Morning Light in the Castle

The party starts at 7 p.m. A sightseeing ride in a horse carriage ends by the lake where a bonfire is lit. The guests roast sausages, participate in competitions, games with a folk band, watch fireworks. Accompanied by the folk band, they take a stroll back to the castle, where the party continues:

barbecue on a terrace - roasted wild boar or ram, baked potatoes, salads, beer. Swedish buffet: salads, roast in aspic, dish with cranberries, stuffed fish, fish in Hungarian style, herring in Finnish style, fruits, cake, coffee, drinks, alcohol - 50 g or beer - 0,5 l per person.

Feast in the Castle - Fireplace Room

The party starts at 7 p.m. by a sumptuously set table with an accompaniment of live music. We serve delicious starters, hot dishes and drinks, e.g:

- salads, pork loin a la Karnity with accompaniments, coffee
- pork loin in aspic, beef strogonoff, tea
- Chef's dish: zander with mashrooms, cold drinks
- fish in Greek style, beetroot soup with patty 
- stuffed fish and ice-cream dessert
- tartare steak


Weddings, Traditional Parties for Secondary School Students and Other Occasions

Karnity Castle inspires each event with the magic of the bygone ages. Each celebration and party reminds of past sumptuous feasts and balls. Wedding celebrations held in the castle amidst the park trees and bird songs are very romantic. The rich gastronomy, experienced staff and imagination of the organizers have an impact on the quality of the events and make them experiences to be long savoured.

Sleigh Rides and Winter Events

During short winter days, we offer long sleigh rides in beautiful surroundings. Winter sleigh rides are also organized for big groups of guests. The Karnity region in winter bewitches with beautiful sights and, despite frosty weather, with warm atmosphere. If you wish to have a sleigh ride organized, do let us know before you arrive in the castle.

Welcome to our Castle